Triumphed Disneyland in Paris

This caters 50 million annual visitors.
Number one tourist attraction in France

Disneyland in Paris has succeeded over premature Euro-snobbery and is considered the top tourist charm in France. They accommodate about 50 million annual guests and are suitable for those tourists who accompanied with them their kids. After a long exhausting walk from the museums and churches, they could reward their kids to on the rides until they drop. There are some differences though, between the Florida and California amusement parks.  Disneyland in Paris is divided into two main parts: The Disneyland Park with its five divisions and Walt Disney Studio Park divided into lots.

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Activity on Paris Rivers

The Seine River
Best for some romantic cruise.

Paris Rivers plays a vital role for the romance of the city. Just think of the numerous movies filmed with romantic scenes on the bridges over the Seine River. At the heart of the city, you will find the lovely Seine River, where it is famous of its River cruise and beautiful river banks. Dinner and cruises are just one of the popular options, since they depict to the tourists the beautiful architectures of Paris. Cruising rivers in Paris has been a tradition and is a much-loved activity in the city.
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Different Paris Events

One of the unique events in Paris
It commemorates the storming of the Bastille.

Each year there has been variety of travellers that come and go to the city of light because of the different events in Paris. Aside from the famous museums, restaurants and landmarks that draw visitors, annual events attract tourists who arrive for the best in fashion, film and cultural celebration and many more.
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Nothing Compares to the Seine River Cruise

Lovely view of seine river cruise
Seine River Cruise on a romantic evening

Visiting Paris would not be complete and memorable without the traditional Seine River Cruise. Since the middle Ages, efforts were made to beautify the Seine River banks. As a result the Seine River bank ranks one of the best urban landscapes in the world. Many of Paris famous monuments are seen among the river that includes the Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. The Seine is lined with fantastic harbor and crossed by many aged bridges. The oldest of which, the Pont-Neuf built in 1607 and the romantic pedestrian of Passerelle des Arts.
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Paris Sports and Exciting Activities

Stade de France in Saint-Denis
A magnificent word-class stadium which resembles a flying saucer.

Paris sports have been neglected by most of the people visiting the city. You don’t happen to know that there is a vast amount of sports presented to the tourists in the city of Paris and being only moments away from the open countryside, it has a lot of activities to attract all outdoor lovers. Paris sports calendar schedule is full of thrilling events to watch throughout the year. There are also opportunities for those people who like to engage in squash, golf, swimming, tennis, aerobics, biking, and ice skating.
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Never before Nightlife in Paris

Unforgettable Nightlife in Paris
Party all night and sleep all day in Paris.

The nightlife in Paris really does have something for everyone. From bars which serve drinks in babies bottle, to especially extraordinary clubs that oblige some name dropping or card (black Amex) showing, to clubs where you can dance as if there’s no tomorrow. To start your nightlife in Paris, grab a drink or two or even three in a omnipresent dive bar, before burning up the dance floor and spending some money at one of the trendy clubs. You can always party all night, and sleep all day at Paris.

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