Triumphed Disneyland in Paris

This caters 50 million annual visitors.
Number one tourist attraction in France

Disneyland in Paris has succeeded over premature Euro-snobbery and is considered the top tourist charm in France. They accommodate about 50 million annual guests and are suitable for those tourists who accompanied with them their kids. After a long exhausting walk from the museums and churches, they could reward their kids to on the rides until they drop. There are some differences though, between the Florida and California amusement parks.  Disneyland in Paris is divided into two main parts: The Disneyland Park with its five divisions and Walt Disney Studio Park divided into lots.

Upon entering the park, you will instantly discover yourself in an unrealistic American town, with all the similarities that you can think of. Exquisite Electric Parade will be interesting in the evening where you can see all the Disney characters march along with luminously well-lit floats.

The Frontierland found in the Disneyland in Paris is a located to the West, especially  if you take one of the steam-powered trains that will take you from Grand Canyon diorama to Frontierland. Pocahontas’s Indian village is a fine spot to get young kids away from the crowds and if it gets too hot, you and the kids can ride the nearby paddle-wheel steamship.

The trains will take you on to Adventureland, where strutting pirates battle near the Swiss Family Robinson’s treehouse. If that’s too tame, head for the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril ride. It travels backward at breakneck speed, the only Disneyland roller coaster in the world to do so.

You will be astonished how young children will be charmed by Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and its idealized interpretation of a French chateau, complete with the obligatory fire-breathing dragon in its dungeon. In Fantasyland, a visit with Dumbo the Flying Elephant may be necessary, and perhaps a whirl on the giant teacup ride.

Discoveryland in Paris provides you some futuristic display that will put your imagination to work. The designs were based on the works of famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Jule Verne. This area is considered as the most popular section of Disneyland in Paris.

Village Disney is haven for adults’ features endless entertainment options. This includes dance clubs, snack bars, restaurants, shops and bars.

The emphasis in this second park of Disneyland in Paris is on film production and special effects. Walt Disney Studio Park is a place where you can feel the flame as you play an extra in the Armageddon disaster movie, plunge 13 floors down an elevator shaft in the brand-new Twilight Tower of Terror, or get your kids to talk live with the mischievious alien Stitch in his interactive stage show.

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  1. I think I speak for most people that even the mention of the name Disneyland already sparks excitement in their minds. Young and old will truly appreciate Disneyland because it somewhat represents our childhood; it magnificently captures the storybook characters that we have grown up with. It brings to life those cartoon characters that I used to just imagine when I was a small kid.
    But upon hearing that Disneyland in Paris, I was actually taken aback. To be honest, ever in my wildest dreams did I ever think that Paris would come up with the idea of making their own version of Disneyland. To me, when I think of Paris, I think of romance and other grown up activities, not Disneyland. Also, it is not a hidden fact how Paris, or France in general, value their own culture. So to recreate an American infrastructure in Paris was just simply interesting. True enough, most of the French locals were not too excited about Disneyland in Paris. They thought it was an upright insult to what France stands for to the French people. But amidst the controversies, the people’s interest in Disney characters still surpassed all the bad press. To this date, Disneyland Paris is considered to be one of the famous tourist attractions in Paris.
    There is so much to do in Disneyland Paris! The park is jam packed with a lot of activities and sceneries which your eyes can feast on. The Disneyland theme park is almost the same as what you would see in other Disney properties. In Walt Disney Studios Park, you can see a lot of studio lots including Toon studio, Production courtyard, and even Hollywood boulevard. Disney Village on the other hand imitates what you would regularly see in Downtown Disney. Here you can also find a lot of restaurant and shops.
    There are a lot more attractions that you can see in Disneyland Paris. And what is even great is that there are actually hotels inside and near the vicinity making it very accessible for tourists. The park opens at around 10 am and usually closes at 9-11 pm depending on the season and the day.

  2. When I heard that there was a Disneyland in Paris, my eyes heart just fluttered. Although I am in love with the infrastructures, history, and the places to visit in Paris, I am still looking for a fun place where I can be a kid again. I have always dreamed of going to a Disneyland park ever since I was a child, I mean who hasn’t? This will definitely be on my list of places to go to by the time I visit there next week! Great post!! Thanks for the info!

  3. I definitely enjoyed my visit in Disneyland Paris a week ago. I went with my kids just for the weekend, and they just loved it there. I have always thought of bringing them to the states to get to see Disneyland, but when I heard that they have opened one in Paris it was definitely more convenient for me! We live a couple of kilometers away from Paris, so I was really excited when I heard that there are hotels inside and around the park area. We stayed in one of the hotels in the park and it was so easy to take my kids out and have fun.

  4. The establishment of Disneyland in Paris provided a very convenient purpose for all those who fantasize on going to the original Disneyland. It adapted their style and genre including the designs and ambiance inside the park. It gave people the opportunity to experience the adventure and excitement where they never tasted before.

  5. Visiting Paris would not only feature ancient infrastructures, old places, breathtaking lights display, gigantic buildings but also a place for you and your kids to enjoy. It even brings your imagination where you at when your still a child. Disneyland in Paris is a very great addition to the pride of Paris tourist spots. It gives visitors and guests an option on how to celebrate their stay in the City of Light.

  6. I wish I had the same enthusiasm to make a page like this. You should be proud of yourself for making this!

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