Activity on Paris Rivers

The Seine River
Best for some romantic cruise.

Paris Rivers plays a vital role for the romance of the city. Just think of the numerous movies filmed with romantic scenes on the bridges over the Seine River. At the heart of the city, you will find the lovely Seine River, where it is famous of its River cruise and beautiful river banks. Dinner and cruises are just one of the popular options, since they depict to the tourists the beautiful architectures of Paris. Cruising rivers in Paris has been a tradition and is a much-loved activity in the city.

One of the Paris river name Bievre flows into the Seine. There are some settlers that took advantage and were developed around this water source. Because of that, pollution was abundant in that area until now. However, the Paris rivers remained as beautiful as it is.

Boats can be rented from numerous private operators. They can also arrange the necessary permits you’ll need for legal purposes. Most vessels allow between two and 12 people. The return journey is usually via the same route; one-way trips are possible which involve extra costs.

There are several excellent boat services which makes use of the slow-flowing Seine River. As well as providing easy, cheap transport to much of central Paris, excellent photo opportunities abound in the river banks. You can buy a day or 3 day ticket and hop on and off the boat as needed.

However, these kind of activities in Paris are not really for travellers and tourists but as a suitable service for Parisians in their everyday living. As a result, the view is not that great compared to a river cruise that is intended for sightseeing. The advantage is that even the boats are petite, the are less crowded than those boats for tourists. And remember, if you do have a Carte Orange (public transport pass), you will be saved from the payment of 3 euros which is expensive for a boat trip.

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  1. I love the Seine River cruises! Me and my husband went to Paris last month to celebrate our anniversary and a lot of our Parisian friends highly recommended that we take the Seine River cruise. At first I was a bit hesitant because I was thinking we would just be wasting our money when we can already see the river itself. But once we were on that dinner cruise, with the lights of Paris as your background, it was the most spectacular and romantic experience ever! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to fall in love with Paris over and over again!

  2. Being a resident of Paris, I am still not tired of riding the Seine River cruise. Every time I feel a bit stressed out or if I just want a romantic atmosphere, the river cruise always comes first on my mind. But I have also discovered that you do not have to join the cruise alone to appreciate the Seine river. Usually if I have some spare time, I enjoy a good stroll near the river or even biking. There are a lot of things you can do and you will still fall in love with the Seine river.

  3. I agree with you Mrs. D. Riding the Seine River Cruise is the best way to fall in love in Paris. The experience would be a memorable one. The view of the Seine River from where you are standing is excellent, but its a different story when you are on the Seine River cruising. You will feel how lovely is the Seine River when you start to go with the flow. It makes you forget everything including all your worries and problems.

  4. There are other options when you still have some energy to waste after your lovely evening dinner. You can walk down to the riverside at the Neuf and witness those extraordinary boats of Vedettes du Pont Neuf. They are quite long, low boats. You can easily determine them for they glow with their bright lights during the evening

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