The Centre Pompidou in Paris

home to one of the world's most important museums of modern art
The New Cultural Institution

Pompidou is named after the 1969 French President Georges Pompidou. He launched the idea of creating a new cultural institution in Paris dedicated to modern art. This new cultural center fascinated 650 admissions on its 1971 competition. Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano and Gianfranco Franchini submitted their architectural winning project. It was fascinating for it made practical elements such as escalators, air conditioning and water pipes to the outside of the building which resulted to a more spacious inner space for the exhibition of art works.
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Chartres Cathedral, a Theological Aspiration

The designs are Carvings of Biblical images
The North Porch of Chartres Cathedral

At the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum from decadent Versailles, Chartres cathedral represented the highest architectural and theological aspirations of the Middle Ages in France. The Chartres cathedral was much the same in medieval times as it is now, which should give you a sense of how impressive it must have been in 1260, when it was completed. Rodin described it as the French Acropolis, and once you’ve seen it you’ll be hard pressed to disagree with him.
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Different Era of Paris Architecture

A Renaissance Mansion
The only 16th century hotel left in Paris

There are a lot of styles you will see in Paris architecture. However, it’s significant to point out that very few structures were built in one particular method. These enormous structures of Paris architecture may look centuries to complete, where plans were modified and a lot were changed, but these were still put into completion at present.
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