2 Star Hotels in Paris

Located a short walk from the department stores, Saint Lazare train station, the Opera house, the Grand’s Boulevards and the Auber RER .
200 years old hotel

The most romantic city of the world, that’s how Paris is known to many and its easy to determine why. Finding yourself in a 2 star hotels in Paris may not be as good as those in luxurious hotels but would give you the benefit of cheap and worthy stay. These 2 star hotels in Paris would fit the honeymooners to the budget they really wanted.
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3 Star Hotels In Paris

Gives you nice accommodation in an affordable price.
Authentic Standard Class Hotel

The place where you sleep in Paris, after a stressful day circling the city, matters especially when you find yourself cribbing in one of the famous 3 star hotels in Paris. Although, 4 star and 5 star hotels in Paris are much better, they can be more expensive too. These 3 star hotels in Paris will suite your budget and your expectations giving you sweet dreams during your snooze.
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4 Star Hotels in Paris

Located across the street from the Palais Royal Gardens, where shops and restaurants await you.
One of the best 4 star hotel in Paris

There are numerous of 4 star hotels in Paris and these maybe a little lower than the 5 star hotels but still makes your stay in Paris memorable and relaxing. If you want the luxury but doesn’t have the budget for those 5 star hotels, you should be lying your evening down to these 4 star hotels in Paris.
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Luxury Hotels in Paris

Memorable Luxurious Hotel
Features 188 guest rooms including 54 Suites.

Luxury hotels in Paris, almost without regard to category or cost, scrutinize high and low seasons. These vary slightly from one hotel to another, but most of the time the high season generally corresponds to late spring and summer, and perhaps a couple of weeks during the Christmas period.
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