Paris Artists Abroad

2002 eventThis event attracted 1.3 million spectators of Paris artists in 2005
This event attracted 1.3 million spectators of Paris artists in 2005

The “Nuit Blanche” event created in October 2002 attracted 1.3 million spectators of Paris artists in 2005. The concept wedged in Brussels and Rome as of its second year. Madrid and Riga followed suit and decided in 2006 to offer the public one night chance to meet and share in originality and modern creativity.
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Few Tips on Buying Tickets in Paris

Good place for buying tickets in Paris
FNAC handle tickets for more museums, concerts and shows across France.

Getting ticket in Paris for trips and tours will be a waste of time when you do it yourself. Especially when you are not that acquainted of the styles and techniques of doing so. You will have an easy but expensive way to get tickets in Paris. When you’re staying in a class hotel, might as well give the task to your custodian to get your ticket so that you will not waste valuable exploration hours. With this manner of buying tickets in Paris, you will save a lot of valuable time.

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Going to Paris at the Right time

Best time to go to Paris
The best time to go to Paris is during Summer

All seasons in Paris offer romance, attraction, history and great impression that the city has been famous for. Whether you’re just wandering across Pont Neuf with a winter coat or observing the flowers begin to bloom in the early spring, these are the just few things to be done when going to Paris. Some travellers say that the best time going to Paris is summer, while others prefer the peace of other seasons because they say summer in Paris is too hot and crowded in July and August.
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No Smoking in Paris

Napoleon Caricature
A Caricature of Napoleon smoking

Smoking in Paris is commonly accepted by the public but limited to definite areas within the city. In Hotels, there are specific portions where you are allowed to smoke but they must obey to the mandatory ventilation standards. Usually, public zones such as breakfast room, reception and corridors are smoke-free zones. As a universal rule, all youth boarding houses and apartments are strictly non-smoking areas.

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French it is..

Translated Occitan Language to French Language
Occitan and French language signs in Toulouse

Parisians would probably argue that they speak French with no accent as opposed. The Parisian bourgeois intonation and terminology was successfully ridiculed by famed comedians Les Inconnus in the early 90’s.
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Employment in Paris

Job employment in Paris
One of the opportunities given by Pole emploi.

Looking for jobs in Paris? The Pole emploi (job centres) in Paris has branches in every arrondissement in Paris. The Pole emploi are local State organization, job center entities. Professionals are there to help you find work in the business sector of your preference. They can also find information on professionals, internet terminals and many more. You can always go there and consult the thousand job advertisements and seek for professional advices on how to direct your search.
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Paris Economy, Among the Highest GDPs in Europe

1 Euro
The currency of Paris

Paris economy is significant to French economy and to most specially to our global economy. The city of Paris may not be considered as cultural and political capital of France only but also its superior financial and commercial centre. Based on the records, Paris economy is among the highest GDPs in whole of Europe. Euro is the currency in Paris, with 100 centimes to the Euro. Paris economy comprise of banking and finance and luxury goods for tourist.
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Paris Education, tool for city’s success

Center of Paris Education
The study-center of Europe and is a hometown to many organizations of higher learning and research.

Paris education is well offered by the prestigious organization for primary, secondary and higher education. The capital city of France is luxuriously cultured and offers its best to the national and international students. Million seek to study and have their education in Paris for the well-managed institutions and the facilities situated the city. Paris education is an important study-centre of Europe and is a hometown to many organizations of higher learning and research.
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Crime in Paris, Watch out !

Pickpocket prone area
Place practically designed to make pick pocketing easy.

Crime in Paris is just the same as every large cities encounter, but violent crimes are uncommon, especially in the city proper where most tourist spots are loceted. Like everywhere, common sense applies and you should check your surroundings before showing off you expensive cameras and other belongings.
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The Modern Paris

These is a scene of development of Paris through the ages.
Paris at Present

Paris at present is the cosmopolitan of France. It has approximately 2.2 million people living in the opaque central city and around 12 million people living in the whole metropolitan area. Modern Paris has the reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, overflowing with historical backgrounds and association which makes the city memorable. Its influences in the realms of culture, art, fashion, food, design and politics makes the city more prominent.

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