Going to Paris at the Right time

Best time to go to Paris
The best time to go to Paris is during Summer

All seasons in Paris offer romance, attraction, history and great impression that the city has been famous for. Whether you’re just wandering across Pont Neuf with a winter coat or observing the flowers begin to bloom in the early spring, these are the just few things to be done when going to Paris. Some travellers say that the best time going to Paris is summer, while others prefer the peace of other seasons because they say summer in Paris is too hot and crowded in July and August.

When to go to Paris is, of course, in ones preference, and the best way to find out is to go during different seasons. With that you will be able to choose your favourite time of the year to go the City of Light.

When you are preparing a Paris trip on a budget, the time of year to travel is essential. During summer, Paris tends to be crowded and hotels and other services may have gone high at these times. Renting apartments may be an alternative but during these times they have already been booked in advanced. Another popular time of the year in Paris is the Christmas and New Year season for the prices will definitely match the demand. At the same time, its winter and it is a magical time to spend there as the decorations are attractive and emphasizes the stunning historical architecture of the city.

Budget travellers may also consider the time when going to Paris. If you think you are not courageous enough from the cold in the city, there is March and April for you. By April, spring has begun to bud and becomes warmer.

After the hum of July and August, the shoulder season returns in September and October. For many tourists who have argued over the perfect time going to Paris, this period in autumn is absolutely the winner. High prices hotel rates will go back to normal and as some say, the sociability and services of the locals will return as well.

When you going to Paris, there are several activities you shouldn’t miss. Paris has a lot to offer. Hop aboard with the famous Seine River Cruise. Museums are the central part of the Parisian experience. Added to your list is walking or biking into the streets sight-seeing their spectacular architecture. You will surely be tempted of going back to experience Paris on a different perspective.

4 thoughts on “Going to Paris at the Right time”

  1. Absolutely great and helpful post! I have always wanted to go to Paris, but I’m still quite hesitant because I might not be able to afford the cost of living there. I wanted to visit during the Christmas holidays, but because of your post I am now thinking of booking a flight in spring. I think it is the perfect season to enjoy and stroll around the city of Paris! And the best part is that it will not cost me as much as my intended plans of going there during the holidays. Thanks again!

  2. Being a resident of Paris, my favorite season would have to be during the holidays. The city of Paris just comes alive especially during the holidays when the Christmas decorations bring an even more festive atmosphere to the city of lights. Winter in Paris also makes it even more romantic, you can just cuddle up with your loved ones and enjoy the cozy and magical look of the city especially at night.

  3. It is very important to be acquainted of these facts. Visiting Paris needs timing, depending on what your purpose may be. If you want to save as much money as you need, you should go in Paris in autumn. Especially if your planning to rent an apartment or staying in a hotel for there will be rollbacks in their prices because the city is not that busy anymore compared to other periods. But if you don’t have a problem with the budget and want to see Paris at its best, you should go to Paris during Christmas Holidays, where the best lights and decorations highlights the whole city. It capitalizes its name as the City of Light. I am not saying that you can’t go to Paris during summer and other busy seasons, but as much as possible, try to avoid those busy periods of Paris.

  4. This post is intended to help people plan and schedule their trips depending on their purpose and budget availability. It is very important to know ahead of time to avoid regrets when you are already in the place. These facts are helpful, for the only way you could enjoy a Paris trip or tour is to schedule, in order for you to have an easy, continuous, and a hassle-free trip.

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