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France in the Age of Les Miserables.

Political symbol of Paris

France in the Age of Les Miserables……………..Ideals: Political Symbolism in Paris

As France undergone different political stages, there were a lot of political icons that brought about. During the revolution, Paris was made to cope up with the diverse ideals of different government. These ideals were fundamentally dissimilar from each other in the beginning of this period, but when Victor Hugo came to the picture, they had established a way to coincide different government strategy.
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History of Paris

An image of the French Revolution

Paris was discovered by a Gauls from the Parisii tribe in 250 BC who first found the fishing village on an island in the river. At present, it is referred as Ile de la Cité. Paris’ lands were wealthy; it made a perfect strategic location for trade and business operations. But the area was under Roman control after the revolt in 52 BC led by Julius Caesar. The Romans crushed the rebels at the area and then took control of the entire city. At the end of the same century, Paris’s Ile de la Cité became the centre of a new Roman settlement called Lutetia.
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